The Golden Grain – Huge dick futa Triss Merigold savagely fucks barkeep Hentai Porn XXX

Corruption of the Lodge

DesireSFM delivers a mature work of adult futa animation with “The Golden Grain”, part of the series of Corruption of the Lodge short films inspired (in porn-parody fashion) by “The Witcher” video game’s female characters. It’s a satisfying gonzo treatment of dark themes. Their parody of redhead sorceress Triss Merigold as a huge-dicked futanari, who visits the title tavern to sexually ravage the owner/bartender Masha and then fuck young Anya, who Masha futilely tries to protect. The combination of outlandishly exaggerated body parts (namely cocks, balls and breasts of huge sizes) with realistic animation is definitely erotic.